Why choose reclaimed timber

Reclaimed timber is an intriguing conundrum. It is generally more ‘characterful’ than new wood, with interesting knots, shakes and imperfections; nail holes and gaps where bolts have been before. It can also bring with it a wealth of provenance and historical value that is priceless. So, if you choose one of our reclaimed timber items, you may have just rescued a piece of history from ending its days in a landfill. Imagine that… not only are you buying a unique item personal to you, you are also doing your bit to save the planet too!

Many cabinet makers will say they don’t work with reclaimed timber because it’s difficult to source and pretty time consuming to work with, given the fact that it has to be properly prepared to take it from its former life as, perhaps, a floor in a Victorian hospital or school, to its new guise as a stunning kitchen dresser or refectory table. We believe that you reap what you sow and it is time well spent, with the end result being a thing of pure beauty.

We do appreciate that we’re not the cheapest company out there, but we also know that our bespoke, hand-crafted furniture is totally unique and worth every one of your English pounds.

New timber

All our furniture can be made using new timber, such as Tulipwood or Radiata. We use timber sourced only from sustainable forestry projects, keeping our footprint on the ground as featherlight as possible.