Green and pleasant land

May 16, 2013

I just had to share this post with you as it’s too good to keep to myself…

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you find yourself a bluebell wood somewhere in the next few days before they all disappear and just walk around in it. You will immediately feel your worries and cares melt away. It is honestly the best tonic you could hope for.

At this time of year there are forests everywhere that have been given a purple makeover. It’s the most incredible display by Mother Nature.

I went out this morning, as I always do, to walk the doggies, but with so many different bluebell woods round here to choose from at the moment I have been able to find a new one each morning for the past week. Today I walked close to my favourite pub in the whole world (The Alford Arms at Frithsden). Here are some pictures, but to be honest, everywhere I looked was another photo opportunity, so I hope they have slightly captured the prettyness of the experience…7cf9cb86bdfe11e2943422000a9f3095_7-2 4db2c4c0be0511e2855722000aa800e1_7

So beautiful, and with the weather we’ve been having in England these past few days, it was an added bonus to see some sunshine streaming through the new growth on the pine and beech trees.

Here’s one of Nelson also taking advantage of his surroundings, quenching his thirst in a ‘natural water bowl’. Isn’t nature ingenious?