We heart our reloved chairs

March 23, 2013

I bought these gorgeous chairs with their folk-inspired heart backs a little while ago from an antique dealer, but the seats needed some love as they looked to have been refurbed about 50 years ago; basically sad and tired; but with a huge potential to be brought back to life.

The before shot

I’d been looking out for the right fabric to cover the seats, but was undecided whether to go for a plain linen, something grey or cream, or to give them a flash of colour. My friends at The Dandelion House  (http://www.thedandelionhouse.co.uk/) had recommended giving them some colour, but I didn’t want to take away from the gorgeousness of the shape too much, as I think they are so simple and lovely. I’d also toyed with the idea of painting them, which I think would look great, but they really didn’t need much more than new seats as they are just beautiful.

Anyway, as a compromise between the two, I decided on this Vanessa Arbuthnott Paisley Ground material, which is a great combination of an earthy and interesting colour palette; and also a lovely mix of traditional with a contemporary twist. Perfect!

Vanessa Arbuthnott fabric

So I simply cut out the correct amount of fabric to enable me to fold over the edges before stapling the fabric carefully in place around the square of the seat.


I then made the piping to go around the seat fabric, fixing that in place with fabric glue. Glue piping

Glue chair

Piping edge

Very quick and simple.


What do you think? I’ll be listing them in the next few days, but I think they would look gorgeous either in a bedroom, or as a mix and match set around your dining table.

Finished chairs